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call centre, Leeds

Call centres

The combination of superior telecommunications provision and a large, educated workforce has made Leeds the perfect location for call centre operations, offering advantages of speed, reliability, low cost and high capacity.

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Financial services, retail support services, vehicle recovery, outsource agencies, and customer service operations all operate from call centres within Leeds. The city offers a diverse range of broadband connectivity options, with higher level core network services readily available for high volume operators.

Call centre growth
The skills base in the area has been one of the key factors in the growth of call centres. West Yorkshire offers a very large, well educated workforce and the employment culture of the area has a combination of factors which are ideal for the demands of modern call centre operations.

An educated workforce
Leeds offers a broad base of language skills for pan-European and global call centres with around 4,000 students studying languages at Leeds’ two universities, and 14,000 language students at universities within one hour’s drive of the city.

The City Council's Family Learning Centres work with call centree companies to develop and deliver call centre training. For more information click here

The Regional Language Network for Yorkshire and the Humber can also provide employers with access to fluent linguists and translation services in a wide range of languages.

Digital network
The digital network in Leeds offers full ISDN2, ISDN30, Kilostream, Megastream private circuits, SDM and ATM capacity.

Leeds offers access to high-bandwidth fibre optic routes and resilience can be obtained using Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, self-healing technology and by duel parenting access to two local exchanges.

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