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Leeds economy

This area of the website provides an overview of Leeds as one of the UK's main centres for business and the key sectors of the city's economy.

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Leeds economy. No ordinary economy.

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Leeds is the UK’s fastest growing city with the second largest employment total outside London. It is recognised as the capital of the Yorkshire and Humber region. The estimated value of the city’s economy currently stands at £12.0 billion (2004) and what’s more, it is projected to grow by a third in the next ten years.

Strength in diversity
Leeds has the most diverse economy of all the UK’s main employment centres, with over 25,000 businesses in the city registered for VAT and/or PAYE. The city is a major centre for manufacturing and commerce, with an estimated 442,400 people employed in the local economy.

Leeds is home to the country’s third largest manufacturing sector. It is also one of the fastest growing centres for the media and communications industries, while the financial and business services sector employs over 111,000 people.

Major tourist and visitor attractions include the Royal Armouries, Henry Moore Institute and West Yorkshire Playhouse. Shoppers from across the country are drawn to Leeds by leading fashion retailers including Harvey Nichols, Vivienne Westwood, Rockport and O’Neill.

Leeds is the main centre for the regional headquarters of government departments and utilities providers. Regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward also has its headquarters in Leeds, and the public sector is one of the biggest employers in the local economy.

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