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50 per cent of the UK's manufacturing base is within a two hour drive of Leeds and the city remains one of the leading centres for manufacturing in the UK.

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Leeds economy. No ordinary economy.

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Leeds is one of the UK’s principal manufacturing centres, with around 2,100 companies employing over 45,000 people - around 12% of total employment in Leeds. The sector has adapted to the rapid technological advances driving manufacturing industry, with the result that the output of Leeds manufacturing companies has grown by 6% in real terms over the last ten years, with output per worker increasing by 28%.

Key sub-sectors
The leading sub-sectors of the industry are engineering, printing and publishing, food and drink, and chemicals. Leeds companies manufacture an extremely diverse range of products including heart valves, newspapers and magazines, buses, jet turbine blades and motor components.

Engineering is the largest manufacturing sector with approximately 16,100 employees in 850 companies. Leeds is the UK’s biggest provincial centre for printing, packaging and publishing with over 440 companies employing 9,000 people.

The largest manufacturing companies in Leeds are Moores Furniture Group, Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Carlsberg-Tetley, AETC, Cameron, Lever Faberge, Schneider Electric, Wabco Automotive, Communisischorleys, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Scientific Games, Arla Foods, Sultzer (UK) Pumps, Pittards and DePuy International.

Training and research
Leeds College of Technology is the most extensive provider of print-related training in the north of England and, in partnership with the University of Leeds, delivers a unique part-time BSc (Hons) degree in Communication, Print and Packaging. The college also provides advanced qualifications, e-learning and bespoke training courses in engineering, electrical installation, ICT, telecommunications and digital media.

Leeds Manufacturing brings together public sector organisations and many local companies to sustain and develop the competitiveness of the city’s manufacturing sector.

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