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pharmaceutical products

Medical technology

Leeds boasts one of the world's leading university, bio-technology departments and is home to a range of innovative and pioneering medical technology firms.

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The Yorkshire and Humber region is the base for over 400 companies involved in the manufacture and supply of medical equipment. It remains the second most important manufacturing centre for medical devices in the UK, producing 14.4% of the sector’s output and employing 14% of the UK’s medical technology workforce.

Leeds-based medical technology companies play a dominant role within the regional sector and provide a number of key services and products to the 56 large hospitals in the region. The city also boasts one of the world's leading bio-technology departments at the University of Leeds.

A culture of close collaboration with public and private sector research organisations at departmental and multi-disciplinary level has enabled Leeds to satisfy the needs of an ever-evolving healthcare market.

Medical firms
The majority of medical technology firms in the city are small independents employing between 20 and 50 people. They manufacture an extremely diverse range of products within the three dominant sub-sectors of medical and surgical equipment, personal appliances and dental materials and appliances.

Pioneering and innovative developments by Leeds-based companies have been particularly evident within such fields as cardiovascular surgery, orthopaedic prosthesis and sport science.

Leading players
Chas F Thackray, the world’s oldest orthopaedic company, was established in Leeds. In 1990 it became DePuy International Ltd, and now employs 700 people at its Leeds headquarters. The company has an extensive research and development facility and manufactures knee and hip joints and bone cement.

Tissuemed, based in Leeds, markets a product called ‘tissuebond’ which is an innovative adhesive product used to bond human tissue during surgery. The company has raised more than £8 million of funding for the product.

The manufacturing output of healthcare companies in Leeds is over £67 million per year.

Medilink (Yorkshire and Humber) Ltd is a membership-based professional association servicing medical technology companies, hospitals and universities within the region. It provides a gateway for national and international clients interested in developing commercial, research or clinical relationships with the region’s medical field.

The Thackray Museum
The historical emergence of Leeds as a centre for medical technology is chronicled within the Thackray Museum. Opened in 1997, it is the largest general-interest medical museum in Europe.

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