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There are over 55,000 degree students at Leeds' two internationally acclaimed universities, and the University of Leeds is now the UK's number one student destination.

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There is a high standard of general education in Leeds with a large number of students and graduates at higher education level. Eight Colleges of Further Education and two Higher Education Colleges operate within the city and provide a comprehensive range of vocational training courses. The two highly respected universities supply graduates for industry and commerce, as well as providing a valuable research and development resource for business.

The specific skill requirements of local employers are well served by the variety of flexible training support schemes available across the city. These include training grants, extended work placements and tailored training packages.

One of the advantages of a Leeds location is the availability of a large workforce with the skills to meet the needs of a diverse and growing economy. Leeds City Council, its partners, and a wide range of training organisations work closely with companies to ensure that the skills of the workforce continue to match the city’s increasing demands.

The student population of Leeds has doubled in the last ten years. It now has the largest student population outside London with over 72,500 full-time students attending the internationally acclaimed University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University.

The University of Leeds is the UK's number one student destination, receiving more applications for the current academic year than any other university in the country.

Leeds Metropolitan University is the largest campus-based university in the country and enjoys one of the highest employment rates for its graduates, with 93% of graduates in 2002 finding work within six months of leaving and a further 9% continuing with further study or training.

Language learning
The city offers the most up to date multi-media technology and resources for language learning, and local businesses can design their own specific language courses.

Specialist training
Leeds provides specialist training in many areas including leading edge healthcare training at the city’s two major teaching hospitals and the most up to date printing and publishing techniques at the Leeds College of Technology.

The New Deal continues to operate successfully across the city providing employers with a range of recruitment and training support.

Since 1991, the University of Leeds has seen a 400% increase in research funding.

The White Rose University Consortium, which comprises the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, has a combined research power greater than Oxford and Cambridge.

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