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A varied skills base, two universities and a wide range of vocational training programmes, ensures that employers are able to draw on a well trained and skilled workforce.

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Leeds economy. No ordinary economy.

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Leeds offers access to one of the largest skilled labour markets in the country, with over 1 million workers.

The characteristics of the Leeds labour market are particularly well suited to the needs of modern businesses. Strong local traditions in shift work, a willingness to travel, and a high proportion of working women and part-time workers, have enabled operations requiring a flexible and dedicated workforce to flourish in Leeds.

A varied skills base, two universities and a wide range of vocational training facilities, ensures that Leeds’ diverse and dynamic economy is well served by a skilled workforce compatible with the most up to date and flexible working practices.

Leeds’ most successful companies emphasise the strong work ethic of local people as a major contributory factor to their continued and often rapid growth within the city.

Employment trends
Over the last 20 years, Leeds has created more jobs than any other major city outside London where total employment has grown by 10.5%. Of the largest five cities in the UK (Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester), only Leeds shows a net gain in employment over this period, creating over 90,700 new jobs. Total employment is expected to grow by a further 7.1% over the next decade, creating 31,500 new jobs.

Over 2 million people live within 30 minutes drive of Leeds city centre, making Leeds a major employment provider for adjacent districts, with a net 70,000 in-commuters in 2005. Leeds is a major visitor destination, with the tourism industry supporting 19,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

The average gross weekly earnings for men in Leeds is 477 and for women 378. (GB average 525 for men and 396 for women - April 2002)

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