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Frequently asked questions

This section answers some of the questions we get asked most frequently. You can browse through them or, find the answer to a specific question.

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First Direct, the UK's first telephone banking service, is based in Leeds. A total of 22,000 people are now employed in 19 call centres within the city. In addition to financial and business services, Leeds is one of the largest centres in the UK for manufacturing. Key sub-sectors include engineering, paper manufacture, printing and publishing, chemicals, and food and drink.

Media and communications is another fast growing sector, showing 20% year on year growth over the last couple of years. Key players in new media and the online economy such as Orange Multimedia, O2 and Energis are all based in Leeds, and 99% of telephone exchanges are now broadband enabled. It means that companies looking to trade online can source everything they need - infrastructure, technology, legal and creative expertise - in a single location.

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