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This page contains those essential bits of information you need when considering buying property in a city you don't know... everything from where the property hotspots are to where to actually look for that dream home.

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Leeds Metropolitan District covers 217 square miles of land, 140 of which are green belt, offering a variety of accommodation to suit all needs, from vibrant city centre living to picturesque villages and market towns.

City living
City centre living is currently in vogue, which has resulted in many new developments and the conversion of vacant space above shops, restaurants and offices. Exciting housing schemes are now springing up all over the centre of Leeds, including waterfront ‘loft’ apartments, upmarket penthouse apartments and smaller flats for those on a more modest budget.

The ‘Magic Triangle’
Houses in the northern suburbs are generally more expensive than those south of the river. The triangle formed by Wetherby, Ilkley and Harrogate on the northern edge of Leeds is dubbed the ‘magic triangle’ by estate agents and contains the most exclusive houses in the region.

Countryside cottages
Within a few miles of the centre, the city opens out to a landscape of open countryside and numerous small townships and villages, providing a wide range of accommodation. These include traditional Victorian and Edwardian villas, stylish riverside apartments, quaint country cottages on the edge of the Dales and modern houses on family-orientated estates.

Transport links
Leeds maintains a fantastic district transport network, with drive time from smaller rural towns only 20 to 30 minutes from the city centre. The city boasts a pioneering guided bus system and an extensive network of services, with the average distance from house to bus route under 200 metres.

Average travel to work times in the morning peak are 22 minutes in Leeds, compared with 55 minutes in London, while average traffic speeds are 27kph, compared to 18kph in the capital.

For more information
House prices in Leeds compare very favourably with national averages and the South. Property publications in the area include the Yorkshire Post Newspaper, which publishes two weekly housing supplements and includes full property details on its websites www.ypn.co.uk and www.leedstoday.net.

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