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Prices Tower, Leeds
The privacy of our customers and citizens has always been of great importance to the Council. The Council has a long history of protecting your privacy, and our concern for your privacy is no different in the electronic age, or with the advent of e-government.

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  • You do not have to give us any personal data, or private information about yourself, to visit our site.

  • If you visit our site just to read or download information, we will collect and store only the following information (web access logs) about your visit. Most local authorities, and companies maintain these logs as a function of operating websites. These logs do not contain any personal data or private information, and we do not make any attempt to link the traffic information in the logs, with the individuals who actually visit our site.

  • The name of the domain from which you access the Internet, and the Internet Protocol (IP) address or host name, which may or may not identify a specific computer.

  • The date and time you access our site.

  • The pages you visit.

  • The Internet address of any website from which you linked directly to our site.

  • We will collect personal data or private information only if this is provided specifically and knowingly by you, using an online form, or by sending us email.

  • Personal data or private information which you provide will be used only for such purposes as are described at the point of collection, or for purposes which are legally permitted.

  • We will only share your personal data or private information with outside parties in ways that are permitted by this Statement, or if we are required to do so by law, or to comply with a court order.

  • Web access logs may be used to prevent security breaches, and to ensure the integrity of the data on our servers. The logs are deleted periodically. When you send us an email, using the form on our site, we retain a log of the time each message is received by the server, the source and destination address of each message, the time each message is forwarded, and the delivery status of each message. Again, these logs are deleted periodically.

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